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Participate in Great Projects for Healthier Life
and More Fun for Yourself and Whole Communities

"Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must first be overcome."
- Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) English Author (don't worry, just get started!)


Here are several different opportunities to be great and healthy at the same time. Full descriptions follow. Scroll down or click the jump links:

Project 1 - Be In My New FIX NECK PAIN book

Project 2 - Create ACADEMY logos

Project 3 - Write Rhymes and Rhythms for Remembering

Project 4 - Be In My Book for New Parents  

Project 5 - Open our RESORT! Make a simple wonderful place, where you can come for classes, fixes, and fun.

Project 6 - Run my top Workshops at your location. 

Project 7 - Send your short stories and fun photos, doing and teaching fixes, and poking fun at health dogma while fixing it. Get valuable free feedback.

Project 8 - Be my Traveling Knight filming and teaching The Fitness Fixer™ and the Fixa U™  REALITY SHOW.

Project 9 -  How To Send In Your Short Videos - Add to Free Wiki Movies of Healthy Fitness

Project 10 - Teaching English As a Fitness Language TEFL with Dr. Bookspan - Teaching language in fun movement programs of brain and body, and Teaching Math As a Fitness Language.

Project 11 - Flash Mob Healthy Alternatives. Use my work of healthy movement in my exciting program of #FlashFitness for healthy alternatives for your Flash Mobs. Prizes for healthy creativity.

Project 12 - Healthy Parcour (Freerunning). Prizes for healthy creativity.


I also have several fun and healthy Community health programs running through my Academy. See fun programs you can do in your own community on the Academy Honors Page.

Project 1. Appear as role model (or photographer getting your work noticed, or both) in a book I am working on - fixing neck and upper body pain:

1. Take photos and short movies. You keep all photo credit.

2. Re-shoot the sample photos, below, and add your own ideas. Sample photos are from stock photo sites and Creative Commons. I'd rather have you, the real readers with your real success stories.

3. Take side by side "wrong" and "fixed" photos. Be so clear that someone who never heard of these concepts can see it for themselves.

For example, here is a set from my Academy student Nahy Milad Bassil:

4.  Be funny, be wise, be real (no schtick).

5. If you add captions or thought bubbles to your photo, do it in a layer that can be moved or edited. I will make one format for all, using your ideas to let me see which work best.

6. For photos, take color high resolution 300dpi file size - half a meg, to a meg or less. I will make web photos from them for the eBook. For movies, make short short digital movies in small file size so readers can have instructional movies right in their eBook!

7. E-mail them to me, or put everything on your photo sharing site and send me the link.

go have fun!


forward head vs neutral neck when looking


forward head when reaching up. Hurts the neck and shoulder.
Take "wrong" and" fixed" comparison photos of the same action



Comparison of known neck pain with activity thought of as healthy and fit and stopping pain because it's exercise.
Do all the different sports and rehab exercises you want, with this idea.



All three show common neck over-pinching/craning habits when looking up.
Make photos of side by side photos of craning (bad, above) vs lifting from chest and neutral neck (good) instead


Pretty good - lifting not from chin, but entire upper back, and relaxed
Take new side by side photos of craning (bad - three examples in previous photos) vs lifting from chest and neutral neck (good) instead


Craning/ pinching the neck back/ creating a postural spondylolisthesis when drinking.
Make photos of both bad and fixed - drinking and eating


A fun shot to remind people to notice other people



Lovely relaxed cooking.
Make a "bad" and "fixed" comparison pair of photos



oh boy. More unhealthy yoga for done for health.
(rounded shoulder and forward head while reaching up, bad sitting, and sitting at all. You sit all day and know you need to do less. Sitting for "exercise" isn't less sitting, it's more Lots more unhealth here, see my pages for Fitness as a A Lifestyle, Fixing Your Yoga, Healthier Sitting, Fixing Upper Back and Shoulder Pain, and others.)

Make as many shots that you want of yoga (and other so-called health activities) doing the opposite of claimed, plus the fix.


Send Your Project
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Project 2.  Your Artistic Talent Featured -
Design logos for our different projects.

             I designed the Main Academy logos:



Also the Academy Humor Department Logo:

Be next to add your talents designing a strong visual logo for any of the Academy Programs that are part of Dr. Bookspan's international Academy that work for world health. Perhaps adapt an existing logo for certifications, Fellow advancement, specific web page topics. You retain named credit. While keeping simple, may include all or any of:

Academy name: Academy of Functional Exercise Medicine
Informal Name: Fixa U (tm)   and   School of Healthy Medicine
Motto: Currently  "Making Medicine and Exercise Healthy for People and Communities"
Incorporate Academy ideals: Brains, brawn, common sense, lamp of learning, world care.


Send Your Logo Designs
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Project 3.  Write Songs and Poems

Got Rhyme Disease? People remember better through song. Make memorable rhythms, poems, and rhymes teaching people to bend, reach, walk, move, exercise and live, and avoid neck and back pain from cyber-myalgia in healthy ways:

1. Using my methods, write short instructions for a topic, for example, how to remember good bending, how to move spine from unhealthy to neutral spine, how to prevent disc injury, why to use functional movement rather than isolation exercise, and so on. Also good - ironic observations on unhealthy health care. Keep it short and to the point.

2. Make a poem or song. Spoof a nursery rhyme or parody a pop song. Perform rhymo-plasty. Haiku! Write a palinode on fixing former bad habits. Go all out and make a music video if you want. Make them right, make them funny. Extra credit for limericks (clean only) that accurately describe healthy ways to move and live and /or poke fun at silly dogma.

3. For songs, write your own music or set it to the melody of a known song (with credit and/or apology to the writer).

4. If you're a beat-boxer, make non-verbal inspired rhythmic movies that show concepts in fun healthy memorable ways.

5. Don't post anything on-line or in any public forum without first sending to me for approval. Don't use my name or name of any of my work without direct permission. That would be wrong.

6. Small file size for videos.



A Rap Video for healthy bending is on the Fix Back Pain page. I wrote the rap lyrics and a former Marine rapped it for us. Scroll down to "How Long Does It Take" on the the Fix Back Pain page to view the short video.

The same Rap Song as above, plus featuring Backman! (tm) drawings for emphasis on learning, is on the Fix Disc and Sciatica Page - Scroll down to "How Long Does It Take" to see the videos.

Haiku to remind us to fix bad sitting starts out the Healthier Sitting page (just before "Answers in a Nutshell").


HURRY - "Rhyme waits for no man."


Send Your Great Rhymes and Videos
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Project 4.  Take Photos for My Next Book for New Parents.  

1. Be a role model and success story at the same time you help yourself: Get the same photos you'd take every day any way - daily love with baby.

2. New parents bend and lift constantly all day. Done right, it's functional exercise. Bad bending and overarched overhead lifting make pain and you lose the built in exercise you could have gotten - Take photos of functional happy health:

3. Take photos of all the things you are encountering as new parents:

lifting from floor
lifting from changing table
lifting overhead
carrying on front, back, side, hip
your good ideas

4. Take photos of the old bad painful way of bending and lifting wrong - and the new healthy way. I will give you helpful feedback so you can learn skills directly and at no charge. I will put them together for side by side photo comparisons, captions and instructions for new parents. You can preserve anonymity with side views and hat on baby if you prefer (privacy and all that)

5. Take side by side "wrong" and "fixed" photos. Be so clear that someone who never heard of these concepts can see it for themselves.

6. Here are baby clothes I made that show a few of the concepts. They are available on CafePress if you want to get them or just see them.



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Project 5.  Healthy Health Resort.     Also Human Powered Electricity - the JoliElectric (JolieLectric?) Project

It is backwards to burn coal and fuels to power exercise equipment, and to lift artificial weights when there is so much to do in real life - Obscenely backwards. It makes sense (and dollars) to burn the calories to light and restore the world. Yet fitness and medicine have become like fast food - sugared up, with little real content, and not healthy, but sold to the masses in pretty packages.

Solution: Let's open a beautiful simple Center where people come for appointments and classes, learn real health, get better fitter happier, gain job skills, and go home. A nice place with living and teaching space, pond and trees, outdoor space for attendees to learn healthy ways to live, train, good body mechanics for daily bending and lifting, have fun, camp if they prefer to stay outside, plant healthy gardens and eat the results.

Even more interesting - we can make human (and solar) electricity for power and light. I am working on wind-up electricity and power for many simple uses #YouHeardItHereFirst. It does not have to be true that “Turning Sweat into Watts” makes "no economic sense." Laughing children pushing merry-go-rounds that pump village water is healthy for body and sprit. There is far more to "economic sense" than dollars of profit. There are many useful modalities to do this.

Until we have our own center, we can come to you. I can bring you a world-class program attracting top physicians, health instructors, and good people who want to fix their pain from all over the world. Do you have a beach location? I will add snorkeling/ swimming/ scuba diving. No fake glamour - we don't preach simple and build a megachurch. No silly artificial fitness wearing spandex. We return fitness and medicine to health. Green Fitness is the New World Peace. How about at your University, Sailing ship, or center?

    What you can do

    1. Help find or build, and run the center. I am a scientist - no sales or marketing knowledge or desire. I do the work as Medical Director. Add your talents. It takes a village. All get healthy, guided, pain relief and honest exercise while making the world a better place as people come and fix their pain and learn healthy strong ways.
    2. I can run World Congresses and seminars for physicians and others to learn these methods and fix their own pain. People can attend from all over the world.
    3. Engineers needed to design / make simple foot and hand crank lights (called "arm ergometry" when you pay to go to a gym or rehab facility to exercise your shoulder) and set up solar, wind-up, and other healthy energy, even powered by playground fun. When guests come to our World Human Powered Health Resort, they can crank to turn on their room lights, or pedal to belt-run their ceiling fan (charging the solar, wind (or other) battery/capacitor) for fans while sleeping too. Swings and common playground apparatus for health instead of gym machines - for exercise and to power some of the rest of our 'resort' - I call this the JoliElectric Project. This does not have to be a finished project before guests come. You will be in charge of the grad students and interns who will come for the chance to volunteer on this important work
    4. I am looking into Tax exempt and grant possibilities. Contact me if you have knowledge and ability to make this happen.
    5. Kinds of places - old stone and log farmhouse / schoolhouse, old stone church, rambling ranch, Asian retreat, simple buildings for learning and health, open space for classes and airy sleeping accommodations, visiting instructors and students, acres of grounds. Space for music room, sewing room, woodworking, crafting, cooking, gardening, library, more. How about your hot springs, sailing vessel or cruise ship? Your idea here - e-mail me through this page.
    6. This can be the location of the Academy and a world health project center, affectionately called Fixa U.
    7. Keep it fun. Keep your sense of humor for names, places, and outlook for this great project - Project 5.


I am the first to put Healthy Fitness programs on cruise ships. Previously, no one thought of resorts and cruising for activity.

I want to do this while I'm alive. After that, pretenders will spring up and do the opposite of my work and make a buck on it. I have left written instructions (including this) that no one can teach my work for money, who didn't get it correctly and directly with me, and after that, no programs at all depending how well you all do. Things get lost in translation. My Mom studied personally with Joe PIlates when she was a Martha Graham dancer. She told me what he really said - no semblance to what it is degraded to now. Si post fata, venit gloria non propero (if you have to die to be recognized (have glory), I'm not in a hurry ~ An epigram by Martial)

Check back HERE as I build plans for your resort. Send your ideas.

To be part of this Great Project, contact me
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Project 6.  Classes At Your Location

For years, people have traveled from all over the world to come to my workshops at Temple University in Philadelphia - a fun city and nice trip for participants, and to various medical conference where I am a lecturer. A single hotel room night can cost more than the class itself. Instead of your group of 10-15 people each paying flights, hotels, meals, and travel expenses, you can bring me and Paul to you to run top workshops, fix your pain, earn valuable certification and job skills, have fun, and still save.

Class size is small for personal attention. We bring my presentations and most equipment, and provide certifications to those who qualify. Once courses are set, I can list them on my CLASS page to assist you. You supply an inspired place for the classes, travel, and respectful honorarium. Physicians, medical groups get tax deductible educational/ conference opportunity.

How to do it:

  1. Organize a small group. From student course fees paid to you, you arrange to bring us to you.
  2. Run a cruise week. Contact a cruise line to set up a nice week at sea. I give enjoyable workshops onboard. I was the first to run entire onboard ship fitness programs, back when it was said that "no one wants to exercise on vacation." Here are rare photos from the first cruise ship programs I developed. Here's a Fitness Fixer about some of Parcours (from Fitness FIxer, you need your Back button to return here).
  3. Doesn't have to be a group. Private and semi-private instruction is possible, as above.
  4. Your cool ideas welcome.


Send Your Workshop Proposals
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Project 7.  Be  a Role Model - How to Send Your Own Stories and Photos

Send your photos with short story demonstrating any of the fixes in my web articles and books. I will add them to the web site, with full credit to you. You retain all photo rights and ownership. This is for betterment of all.

For sending Videos, see Project 9.


Photos invited for FUNCTIONAL FITNESS (fitness as a real lifestyle),
and Bookspan Basics - short fun drills to retrain fundamental movements to be healthy.
Six functional fitness training drills are currently taught on my BOOKSPAN BASICS page. More will be added.

Photos and true story for Patient Success page

Extra Credit for songs, stories, Tweets, blasting myths from the Department of Silly Syndromes and showing Healthy Emotional and Mental Fitness - http://drbookspan.com/Spirit

How to do it:

  1. Choose your topic. Ideas from list of Fix Pain articles on the Clinical page http://drbookspan.com/clinical, the BOOKSPAN BASICS page, Functional Fitness pag, and others. Learn, understand, practice, and have fun with them. Don't forget Healthy Emotional and Mental Fitness. Also make sure to check the Fixa U School of Healthy Medicine's Department of Silly Syndromes. and the new Math for Health project - #4 on the Academy Honors Page
  2. Write your short article, or make small file size photos of yourself correcting some real thing. Write a short caption, " I learned this and it worked to fix (x,y,z) and thanks, here's my photo of me doing _____"
  3. I will give you helpful feedback at no charge so you can learn and better your skills directly and at no charge. I will put the best ones on my site to benefit all with credit to YOU.
  4. Trainers, send in your stories of how you use these great training drills in your programs. Success Stories also can go on the Patient Success Page - http://drbookspan.com/PatientStories.
  5. Fixes from Bookspan Basics doesn't have to be with a group. Send photos and videos of yourself, or you teaching another person.
  6. Your cool ideas welcome.

For How To Make and Send In Your Short Videos Teaching All The Above and More - See Project 9.


Send Your Bookspan Fixit Photos and Videos
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Project 8.  REALITY SHOW - This one is real and healthy

Take award winning health on the road - we're making a fun, fast, real life show. All the fun and health of The Fitness Fixer™ and the Fixa U™ and my other work.

I am looking for the right people who successfully use my work for their own health, to take my innovative methods to families, workplaces, schools, communities, and beyond.

How we'll do it:

  1. Film short structured clips of yourself doing simple sincere makeovers like a traveling knight.
  2. Examples: Retrain healthy movement and integrate strength, health, weight control, function into people's daily work and home lives, school programs, teaching digging mechanics at community gardens, municipal water reclamation projects, for day laborers, office workers, and others.
  3. Heal the world one makeover at a time through good work like the Lone Ranger, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, The Dog Whisperer, The Nanny, Weed Dating (social networking through group gardening events) and Pay it Forward wrapped up in one.
  4. Intelligent caring real life is more fitness than yelling while heavy people trudge with bad mechanics on treadmills.
  5. Networks - are you interested in making this your next hit show? It's here - Dr. Bookspan's trademarked work.
I am also looking for a Director of Youth Programs to take my functional Bookspan Basics to schools and youth centers everywhere, and a Director of Healthy Aging to take my Functional Fitness as a LIfestyle skills to elder centers, residents and staff of convalescent and retirement homes, and individuals.


Send Your Enthusiastic Thought Out Proposal and Plan
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Project 9.  How to Send Your Movies and Videos

Reader Sandra wrote:

"Hi Dr. Bookspan:
I would love it (as I'm sure countless others would) if you would produce and make available workout DVD's for healthy and safe weight lifting, cardio and yoga workouts. Since reading your material I've been dismayed at how many fitness DVD's are in my library that have potentially injurious exercises. Just a suggestion, and thank you for your time
Sandra Kimble

Instead of a long-winded DVD of just old me, all of you can send in your short videos of all your real-life successes - the real people who learned, were inspired, and made their lives better. I will do the work to put them on my web site, available free for everyone. You keep all the credit.

Here is how to make this happen and be part of something wonderful - How to Make and Send Your Movies:

I will post successful videos on this web site, a free educational site. You keep all credit and will be mentioned by name. With enough, I can make them into a wonderful large "wiki" DVD, available to all, including the many in the world who cannot pay for DVDs. It is more than just a collection of random exercise videos, but explains the real science, with links to related articles, and how it is not just exercise but real function and better life.

It is fun for you, and a benefit to the world. When you send your video (movie, whatever they are called these days) indicate where on my site you prepared it for, and how it will fit well. Don't post anything publicly without checking with me first, thanks


"Often, what the mind has not grasped while listening to speech,
sight seizes without risk of error."

- Saint Nikephorsi (758-828 CE)

Send Your Quick Clean Short MPEGS
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Project 10. TEFL with Dr. Bookspan - Teaching Languages Through Exercise  = Brain and Body

I have developed a fun program to learn and teach foreign languages in fun fitness classes. So far, I have, Teaching English as a Fitness Language (tm), PLUS you can teach your other native languages in Teaching Everyone as a Fitness Language (tm). Same concepts, same healthy exercise, different languages learned in each.

Healthy movement skills are used to teach and learn core language vocabulary and usage of direction, anatomy, comparatives, more, in a fun exercise class using music local to the speakers and World pop.

Example: Are you teaching Spanish? French? Do the exercise, say the corresponding word for the action - up or down, right and left, hand foot, faster slower, and so on. Build on concepts as skills increase both fitness and language.


Teaching Math As a Fitness Language

Healthy movement skills are used to make the abstract ideas of number, quantity, and space into clear concrete movement activities. Even the youngest children enjoy hopping jumping and "monstering" in different numbers, directions, operations, fractions, and more. More on this is on the Academy Page 2 of Programs and Honors.



Send Your Quick Clean Short MPEGS of teaching separate specific language and/or number topics through healthy exercise
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Project 11. Flash Mob Healthy Alternatives

Use my work of healthy movement in my exciting program of #FlashFitness for healthy alternatives for your Flash Mobs.

Prizes for healthy creativity.




Project 12. Functional Freerunning tm - Parcour

Functional Freerunning (Parcour) (tm) with Dr. Bookspan - Running all over the city (walking, jumping, and other variations) to prepared and spontaneous stations of picking up litter, helping in gardens, good deeds, etc.

Be creative, be healthy, do real acts of goodness and health in physical ways.





Send your photos, videos, successes and ideas to Projects @ DrBookspan.com

Follow TheFitnessFixer on Twitter for More Projects To Come, and to Tweet your Successes With These - Twitter.com/TheFitnessFixer




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