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ALT =[“Fix Your Own Pain Without Drugs or Surgery by Dr. Jolie Bookspan. Fix causes using scientific methods you can do yourself. Available from author web site”]      ALT =[“Stretching Smarter Stretching Healthier by Dr. Jolie Bookspan. Effective quick methods for healthier range of motion during daily life, sports, exercise, and at home. Available from author web site”]     ALT =[“Healthy Martial Arts by Dr. Jolie Bookspan. Training for all athletes in all sports, body and mind. More on author web site”]       ALT =[“Health and Fitness in Plain English - How To Be Healthy Happy and Fit For The Rest Of Your Life by Dr. Jolie Bookspan THIRD edition. Available from author web site”]     ALT =[“The Ab Revolution 4th Edition by Dr. Jolie Bookspan. Replaces all eariler editions. Available from author web site”]       ALT =[“Diving Physiology in Plain English - 8th edition Blue Cover Edition: by Dr. Jolie Bookspan”]     ALT =[“Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Review For Physicians Board Exam Guide by Dr. Jolie Bookspan. Available from author web site”]   

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"I must say I find television very educational.
The minute somebody turns it on, I go and read a good book." 
- Groucho Marx



Healthy Martial Arts
- Training For Everyone, Mind and Body

ALT =[“Healthy Martial Arts by Dr. Jolie Bookspan. Training for all athletes in all sports, body and mind. More on author web site”]

Reader's Choice Award Winner -
International EUSA Martial Arts Association


For any athlete or exerciser to train all aspects of body and spirit

By Dr. Jolie Bookspan. Sports medicine researcher, former military scientist, 4th degree Black Belt, 2009 Master Instructor of the Year, undefeated full contact fighter. Inducted into the International Black Belt Hall of Fame.



Healthy Martial Arts is my best book for exercisers and athletes. What my book "Fix Your Own Pain" does for your body, "Healthy Martial Arts" does for your mind, spirit, training, and life in addition to your joints. Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" is the classic strategy manual in business and power. "Healthy Martial Arts" is the strategy manual for your life.


ALT =[“Tweets about Dr. Bookspan's work from Twitter account @TheFitnessFixer”]




Health & Fitness THIRD Edition
- How To Be Healthy Happy and Fit For The Rest of Your Life

ALT =[“Health and Fitness in Plain English - How To Be Healthy Happy and Fit For The Rest Of Your Life by Dr. Jolie Bookspan THIRD edition. Available from author web site”]
NEW third edition


31 chapters of step-by-step instructions on what works & what doesn't for fixing pain, smarter fitness, healthier brain, spirit, and body. Be healthier, happier, eat better, fix pain, and learn healthier movement habits.


Funny, jam-packed, practical, easy to understand, 379 pages of everything-all-in-one-source. Illustrated with humorous, instructive drawings featuring Backman!™ review  THIRD edition  5.0 out of 5 stars -
"This book is Dr. Bookspan's gift to Humanity"   by Raj Ponmudi

"I read this book after 'Googling' for some solution for my years of neck and shoulder pain. I am fortunate to come across this author.  More than seven years of problem, several thousand dollars spent on this - no one (no doctor, no physio, no chiro, no surgeon) pinpointed the cause. I found the root cause with the help of Bookspan. The author …patiently explains the root cause of several problems and provides SIMPLE solutions. The book is worth millions! A gift to humanity!!!
Cheers. Ponmudi"


 The cover is deliberately tongue-in-cheek - making fun of conventional ab book covers with headless torsos or overarched posture indicating no use of brains or abs   


Ab Revolution FOURTH Edition. Reorganized to get you started more quickly. Many new photo instructions.

An innovative sports medicine technique to quickly stop one major source of lower back pain, and build healthier movement into exercise and daily activity. Part I teaches how to stop hyperlordosis, a slouch that causes of one of the most common kinds of back pain. No exercises needed, only changing this slouch. Part II shows you how to use this technique for fun healthy core and whole body exercises, stretches, and strength moves from simple to challenging, with no forward bending that hurts discs or practices bent-forward posture. Details and explanations are moved to the new Part III. Change your knowledge of exercise, posture, back health, neutral spine, and what abdominal muscles really do. This method is for the kind of pain usually felt from standing, walking, yoga and Pilates, pushups, planks and certain other exercise.


Review by Andrew Seigel, Second Degree Black Belt (now Third Degree since this review):

I bought this book after attending a seminar with this extraordinary lady - more on that in a moment. The book is invaluable to ANYONE who wants to eliminate back-pain immediately. Most of us have been told so many times to "stand up straight, don't slouch" that we do precisely the wrong thing, over-arching which puts strain and stress on our back each and every day. With Dr. Bookspan's straightforward, no-nonsense approach, you can instantly modify your posture and the pain/ache in your lower back (from swayback) IS GONE! What is deceptive is how easy this is to accomplish and so on first read, you might not totally grasp the concept. Take your time with the book, try each modification and exercise as she clearly explains it, and give it a try. Your first goal should be to stop the pain, your second to start strengthening your abs and back by retraining your daily habits - and let me tell you, you'll thank her for it. I was fortunate enough to attend one of her seminars. That's where she really works her magic, face to face. She utilized the concepts in her book to change the way a room full of martial arts instructors and Grand Masters live their daily lives. For all of our knowledge and experience, Dr. Bookspan provided a collective epiphany to over 60 veteran martial artists, we were all shaking our heads in amazement and smiling at how good our backs felt. It's practical and it WORKS! To her credit, Dr. Bookspan LIVES her healthy lifestyle philosophy. This book is not very big, nor is Dr. Bookspan - but both are filled with tremendous power and wisdom. Everyone could benefit from the Ab Revolution.

FOURTH Edition - 188 pages, 175 illustrations:

Part I - Learn to stop a major kind of lower back pain from too much inward lumbar sway (swayback / hyperlordosis). Specific instructions to learn to change spine position during all you do. No exercise needed.

Part II - Use the healthy spine position learned in Part I for strengthening and stretching, from simple moves to the toughest you can get. Exercises do not fix back pain - Part I is to fix this kind of pain. Part 2 is for using neutral spine to get healthy exercise and change bad ab exercises into healthy moment.

Part III - Detailed anatomy, Fun questions answered, Concepts explored.




Stretching Smarter Stretching Healthier

ALT =[“Stretching Smarter Stretching Healthier by Dr. Jolie Bookspan. Effective quick methods for healthier range of motion during daily life, sports, exercise, and at home. Available from author web site”]


Not the same old stretches.

Fun, easy to read, immediately helpful techniques to retrain daily movement habits to stretch functionally. Your daily life becomes a built-in way to increase flexibility and mobility, and stop injuries from bad stretching and movement habits.

Learn innovative stretches. Learn how to apply healthy movement to daily life, better athletic performance, sitting at your desk, relaxing, and all you do.

Nearly 200 humorous drawings featuring Backman!™ guide you step-by-step.





Fix Your Own Pain Without Drugs or Surgery

ALT =[“Fix Your Own Pain Without Drugs or Surgery by Dr. Jolie Bookspan. Fix causes using scientific methods you can do yourself. Available from author web site”] ALT =[“Fix Your Own Pain Without Drugs or Surgery by Dr. Jolie Bookspan. Fix causes using scientific methods you can do yourself. Available from author web site”]


Publishers added a new cover.  Same book, author, and ordering.


How to fix your pain, step-by-step:

Every page, of 330 total, has specific things to do, things to avoid, things to check for, and/or a story of people who did and didn't fix pain and why.





Happy Sexy Food - Loving Healthy Eating and Cooking


My long requested healthy cooking book is in the works:

Healthy. Inexpensive. Easy to Prepare. No special health foods or extra pots and pans needed."Green" Delicious!


Chef Emmolo writes, "Whenever people hear the phrase “health food” or “healthy cooking” their minds immediately go to a dark and sad place…at least mine does. It seems that every time one of my friends wants to show me their culinary prowess by making something healthy, I typically smile and say thank you as I choke it down with plenty of libation. The idea of people cooking healthy has gotten so bad that whenever one of my friends offers to cook something healthy for me I decline as politely as possible. In fact, a friend of mine who is a chef turned butcher frequently offers to make me one of his “diet” dishes that is allegedly healthy and delicious. As much as I trust the man, I must always politely decline. Let’s face it, healthy food is not tasty food. Everyone knows this. Or do they?

"Several years ago I embarked on a great culinary journey. One that I am still on today as a chef now located in South Florida. I frequently go out and sample the cuisines of fellow chefs and amateur cooks alike. I regularly look through cookbooks – any cookbook – to find a recipe that I can use or that provides me some inspiration to write one of my own. And yes, I do frequently look through those healthy cookbooks with all of their über-healthy recipes and such. And no, I do not usually find anything remotely usable or inspiring in those books. Even some of the most famous and notable chefs in the culinary world today fall short when it comes to cooking food that is genuinely healthy while at the same time genuinely delicious.

"Several years ago I met Dr. Jolie Bookspan at the Eastern USA International Martial Arts Association Black Belt Hall of Fame weekend. At the time I was suffering from such debilitating arthritis that I was forced to end my study of the martial arts. I had, at the time, been studying martial arts for nearly twenty years. It was then that I found out why she is known as “the St. Jude of the Joints.” Thanks to my good friend Dr. Bookspan I did not have to end my martial arts practice. In fact, it is thanks to her work in sports medicine that I am able to walk, run, exercise, and enjoy a fulfilling and normal life.

"Sometime after our initial meeting, and her fixing my injuries (story of that, here), I was in Philadelphia with some friends of ours and she invited us all to her home for dinner. I remember walking through the market with her and seeing some of the things she was picking out. At the time I was a young line cook at one of the top restaurants in Pittsburgh and I thought I knew a thing or two about food. I was incredibly skeptical of many of the items she bought at the market. Still, I admit, I was also a bit curious. In the time that I have known Dr. Bookspan, she has always been a straight-forward, no-hype woman. Everything I have ever seen her do has been done with precision and meticulous execution resulting in very positive results. Her approach to a healthy meal is absolutely no exception.

"I can still remember that dinner. The smell of the food and the way it tasted reminded me of some of the better restaurants I had dined in in New York City. Her meals could easily rival those of some of the best chefs out there. To say that I enjoyed my dinner at her house would be an understatement. I remember that I did not stop at a second helping. The food was that good. But wait…I had forgotten that this was “health food.” More incredibly, made in a small old-fashioned kitchen with no specialty pans or tools, with ordinary simple ingredients, and little prep time. Healthy cooking is not supposed to be this good! Well, that’s what I used to think.

"Dr. Bookspan is one of those people who will challenge the conventional hype-driven stereotypes. And she’ll do so successfully and from a position of love and friendship. I have never forgotten the amazingly delicious, yet incredibly healthy meal she provided on my first visit to her home in Philadelphia. I have over the years tasted – never more than a taste, mind you – other healthy meals. Not a one has measured up in terms of flavor.

"Over the years I have thought back to that delicious and healthy meal I had at Dr. Bookspan’s house and wished that I could recreate it and others like it. Unfortunately, I never truly had the means to do so and my busy and often chaotic lifestyle would get in the way of me collecting recipes from her. Finally, thanks to this book I now have the chance to recreate that amazing meal and more like it for family and friends. Whether you’re a professional chef like I am, or an at-home cook I am sure that you will find her recipes easy to follow and packed with flavor. I have absolutely zero doubt that Dr. Bookspan’s no-hype, straight-forward approach will have you cooking delicious yet healthy meals that will have your friends and family raving."


~Chef Christopher Michael Emmolo is a member of the American Culinary Federation and is an ACF Certified Culinarian. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree at Point Park College, he earned his degree in the Le Courdon Bleu in Culinary Arts from The Pennsylvania Culinary Institute. Since earning this prestigious degree, Chef Christopher Michael has honed his culinary skills in such places as The Four Seasons Resort, Palm Beach, and some of the finest country clubs in south Florida.


Tom Kessler MD, MSPH, FAAFP, FAWM, writes,
"As a family medicine physician who spent a full three-decade career with the United States Public Health Service, continues to be involved with humanitarian outreach in areas of need throughout the world, and ponders the "health care" debate, I count it an unearned privilege to have met and collaborated with Dr. Jolie Bookspan.

"Dr. Bookspan continues to amaze me with her depth and breath of interests and knowledge. She has consistently sought ways to improve the health of individuals with a variety of problems. That she has now shared about healthy food is very good news!

"All due respect to the American Medical Association, no amount of money spent on medicine as practiced in the United States can possibly compensate for the unhealthy diet, inactivity, and passive expectation by so many citizens. With her long and successful experience with healthy moving, I am very eager to obtain and read her new book. I am confident I will be recommending it along with her other books and web site to any person serious about being responsible for healthy living."



Diving Physiology & Hyperbaric Medicine Books and Chapters


The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) recognized Dr. Bookspan with the 2014 Dr. Brown Memorial Award for dedication to research and education in underwater medicine, hyperbarics, SCUBA training, and injury.

Dr. Charles Brown was called “America’s Diving Doctor.” According to NAUI, "The Dr. Brown Award recognition is given to the very few whose service to diving is largely out of the limelight. It is a unique award in diving."



Diving Books with Chapters by Dr. Bookspan



Diving Books by Dr. Bookspan



Diving Physiology In Plain English

New 8th EDITION EXPANDED with LIGHT blue cover


Now in 8th edition 2021 blue cover, expanded. Many fun new sections in this original hard-to-find scuba diving classic.

By research physiologist Dr. Jolie Bookspan, former scientist for the US Navy, Inducted into the NAUI scuba instructor association Hall of Honor.


"This book has helped us train three (3) generations of SOF divers"
- Special Forces Dive Medic


Clear information to understand (not memorize) physiology and medicine, and apply to safer decompression, thermal, equipment, gas mixing, fitness to dive, nutrition, rescue, and injuries, with fun stories behind the people and information.

For all divers, beginner through instructor, search and rescue teams, training departments, health care providers, and family of divers. Complex topics  translated into understanding. Fun stories and illustrated glossary.

Your questions answered, easy to read, and the real stuff.

OLD VERSIONS: Green ALT =[“Cover of OLD green edition of Diving Physiology in Plain English. Get improved Blue Cover Edition by Dr. Jolie Bookspan. Description and upgrade offers on author web site”] AND BLUE ALT =[“Diving Physiology in Plain English - Blue Cover 6th Edition: by Dr. Jolie Bookspan”] WITH BLACK TITLE.

Make sure yours is the NEW LIGHT BLUE.





Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine - Board EXAM Books and Guide to Entire Field

ALT =[“Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Review For Physicians Board Exam Guide by Dr. Jolie Bookspan. Available from author web site”]


Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Review For Physicians - BOARD EXAM Guide.

by US Navy diving and hyperbaric research physiologist Jolie Bookspan. MEd, PhD, FAWM.

Extensive compendium of information physicians need to work in hyperbaric medicine and take the board exam. Organized, interesting, and a complete reference of the entire field for anyone physician or non, interested in the field.

Includes diving medicine, physiology, diving and hyperbaric history, practice, physics, and clinical hyperbaric treatment of diving and non-diving conditions. It is also a complete review and study guide for the board exam including sample test questions with answers, step-by-step calculations, and explanations.

Expanded and updated with many new topics including all 13 approved indications for clinical hyperbaric oxygen treatment complete with protocols, equipment, codes, fire safety, and regulations.


"Fantastic review!    Concise, complete, well organized.      The perfect tool to ace the Board Exam."
- Laurie Beth Gesell, MD, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

"The essential starting block from which you should direct your preparation for the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine subspecialty board examination."
- CDR Jim Caruso, MD, FCAP, US Navy Diving Medical Officer.

"Very useful and informative material for personnel staffing active hospital based hyperbaric medicine units."
- Keith van Meter, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine.


"Hello, Dr. Bookspan, I really appreciate your work. It extensively covers multiple scientific areas, including acoustics, speech sciences, physics, clinical medicine, natural therapy, and martial art; astonishing broad knowledge. Not every Ph.D. or M.D. knows that much.
Looking forward to see your next work." -
Best regards,Yun Gong.


Available in eBook PDF directly from me. Updated 2020 edition. Contact me at




Hyperbaric Medical Review For Board Certification Exams, CHT / CHRN
by Jolie Bookspan. MEd, PhD, FAWM.

ALT =[“Hyperbaric Medical Review For Board Certification Exams CHT and CHRN by Dr. Jolie Bookspan. Available from author web site”]


Chock-filled, fun to read compendium of diving nursing and chamber technology, physiology, physics, clinical practice, and hyperbaric treatment of diving and non-diving conditions.

Includes all 13 approved indications for clinical hyperbaric oxygen treatment complete with protocols, chamber equipment, codes, fire safety, regulations, patient care, Transcutaneous Oximetry (the whole TCom module) and "How to Take a Test." Prepares you for both the CHT and CHRN certification tests. NEW updated test questions, with answers, step by step calculations, and explanations, all written in Plain English

"Easy to read, easy to get through and understand, and a must for being successful at certification."

 - Carolyn Land, MS, RN HNC, CWCN, Manager of Hyperbaric Operations, Curative Health Services

"Extremely valuable study material, in a format that is easy to understand."

- Paul C. Baker, CHT, President, National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology


The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society stopped publishing most of their books. I am looking for a new publisher for this title.




Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Indications
by Laurie Beth Gesell, MD

Scientific evidence for approved indications by leading experts in the field, for scientists, practitioners of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and their patients.


Order through or order from me (better price): e-mail me to check first for availability - Add other books of mine for no additional postage.





Cool Stuff

Forensics, Ultra-Marathon, Wilderness, My Favorites, lots more. Use links from this page to get these items or click them to go to Amazon and get anything else and Amazon sends this site some pennies.  “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.” I am never sent your info. Get downloads, movies, gift cards, clothing, music, health and massage stuff, mobile phones, electronics, toys, magazine subscriptions, garden supplies - your next lawnmower or shed, healthy food - anything you like.



I am the behind-the-scenes Science Officer of The Vidocq Society - International cold case think-tank. Here are my friends' and colleagues' really creepy books:




The Murder Room: The Heirs of Sherlock Holmes Gather to Solve the World's Most Perplexing Cold Cases
Brings to you top cases and our founders (and my friends), talented courageous Frank Bender, Commissioner Bill Fleisher, and the Sherlock Holmes of deviance Richard Walter. Also available on Kindle Edition and Audio Version - The Murder Room. Note that Frank Bender and his family were not portrayed as they honestly were. Added lurid drama, but a disservice to all of them and his quality nature.


The Girl with the Crooked Nose: A Tale of Murder, Obsession, and Forensic Artistry
Tells of my dear colleague Frank Bender's facial reconstruction of murder victims, leading to needed resolution and attention to neglected murders, including hundreds of women tortured to death near Ciudad Juarez. Frank and his daughter Vanessa have assisted the Ni Una Mas project (Not One More).


Trail of Blood
The Vidocq Society
helps solve the murder of  24 year old Scott Dunn. Scott's parents never gave up when his killers left no body, no weapon, only blood, so much blood.


Someone's Daughter: In Search of Justice for Jane Doe
A young woman was found murdered with no one knowing who she was for more than 50 years. Twists and turns and how the Vidocq helped writer Sylvia Pettam find the woman's name and killer. My Vidocq friends and colleagues selflessly volunteered resources and time - including Frank Bender doing facial reconstruction, and Dr. Terry Melton, the DNA.


Deadly Betrayal The CBS Murders
Based on an actual major, high-profile investigation, told from the inside by my cool colleague FBI man Don Richards.


Effective Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques, Third Edition
Third edition by Vidocq commissioner Bill Fleisher and lie detection expert Nate Gordon - The Truth Doctor.


I Have Lived in the Monster: Inside the Minds of the World's Most Notorious Serial Killers by Robert K. Ressler and Tom Shachtman.
See all really creepy books by Robert Ressler


We have several more - Click any of the above and find more creepy books and movies.


Wilderness Medicine

I wrote the Fitness and Conditioning chapter in Dr. Paul Auerbach's bible Wilderness Medicine

7th edition -

all 6 kilos of knowledge (over 13 pounds)

ALT =[“Wilderness Medicine 7th edition by Dr. Paul Auerbach. Conditioning chapter by Dr. Jolie Bookspan. Available on”





Running on the Sun   Sure, I'm proud, that's my youngest brother. He does the DOUBLE Badwater, starting on Mt. Whitney (Paiute Indian name, Too-man-go-yah), running 130 miles back to the starting line, plays the national anthem on his trumpet (really well), then begins the 130 mile race with the other ultramarathoners in the heat of July through Death Valley. One of many memorable scenes of this movie is runners passing a support vehicle on fire from the heat.

Running on the Sun



 Dr. Bookspan's Favorites


Jackie Chan's autobiography - In his own words, the hard and ascetic training throughout his youth that made him a top martial artist, stunt man, acrobat, humble actor, and ambassador. Click to get I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action. Watch the results of top real training and special heart in any Jackie Chan Movies.


1493. By Charles C. Mann. Writing so engrossing, and knowledge pouring out of every page so much and so fast that as I was reading this I kept thinking how I can't wait to read it again. Everything about world politics, economy, disease, climate change, refugees, war, slavery, agriculture, currency value, what makes and keeps social classes and injustice, power shifts, that you think is new or unique to one culture, is here, shown happening over eons, each shaping the other all over the world, as the Americas were first capitalized on by the rest of the world. So many things to say about all this desperately needed knowledge. This description doesn't do it any justice. Drop all and read this book - 1493.


GANDHI - Humbling. Inspiring. Enlightening. Multiple Oscar Winner. Spectacular honor and reason applied to politics. Everyone needs to see and learn from this one. Gandhi (Collector's Edition).


Young Indiana Jones - A sleeping giant of action, art, researched origins of the most pivotal events, concepts, and figures shaping the countries, economics, and mind sets from the early 20th century to today. The originally made-for-TV episodes reorganized for DVD into a three volume chronology of Indiana Jones traveling from childhood to young adulthood meeting Hemingway, Ho Chi Minh, Eliot Ness, Edison, Freud, Roosevelt, Louis Armstrong, Picasso, Churchill, Krishnamurti, Tolstoy, Puccini, Yates, Pancho Villa, more. Filmed on location in 35 countries. Top actors portraying well-developed engaging historical characters in context. For an illuminating experience, before each episode watch the insightful companion documentary of the history and people (of the 95 included documentaries), then see it all woven into an action-adventure feature movie. In Volume 3 "Indy" learns from no less a character than the historian Toynbee at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 about history repeated by those who fail to remember (or know it in the first place). I wish they hadn't made "Indy" such a brat as a child. He learns as he matures. Maybe that was the point. They show but gloss over the wrongs of ungrateful colonialism and the horrors of slavery. Maybe that was also a lesson how that was precisely what happened. This is history ahead of its time. Click to get The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.


The Animated Tales of Shakespeare - Triple Emmy Award winning animated shorts of Shakespeare's popular works. Exceptional animators create fabulous art that inspires and delights children and adults. Each is short, yet complete, voiced by Shakespearean actors. Incredible animation, each tale different, including stop-motion puppetry, cel animation, oil paint on cel, paint on glass, more,  in finest Slavic fairy tale color. This link should take you to see the various individual plays and DVD sets of The Animated Tales of Shakespeare.


The Man From UNCLE - Fun physical skills and great storytelling in this 1960s TV series. Utopian and Eutopian (to me) agency of confident fun role models, disciplined and well trained, cooperative team work, fun science, women portrayed as smart strong and in charge of themselves, a worthy #1 boss with class. Campy at moments that's part of the charm, elevated through talented real acting and real athletics not special effects. Plus glimpses of many well-knowns when so young. Really fun big-time MGM sets, iconic machinery of the 1960s, pioneering cinematography. Illya Kuryakin (played by David McCallum) had PhDs and black belts and chess rankings; marksman, archer, pilot, polymath, proficient in many languages and musical instruments. When I was a kid I wanted to BE Illya Kuryakin. Still working to be. (Soon after, the original Mission Impossible TV show continued his character's ideals in Greg Morris' character Barney - the smart calm brave able inventive agile engineer, pilot and technical team player, along with the rest of the cast/role models to us for cooperation and ethics under duress.) Meanwhile the real Robert Vaughn, who was The Man From UNCLE's Napoleon Solo, studied between rehearsals for his real Masters and PhD, and bravely worked for political responsibility. Click to get The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Complete Series


Colditz - David McCallum and accomplished cast in a brilliant BBC series. Based on true escapes and attempts of WWII prisoners of war from renowned Colditz castle in Nazi occupied Germany. Phenomenal theater, writing, staging, lighting. Extraordinary physical mental intellectual chess. Ingenuity. Steely discipline. Two-year weekly series from capture, years of detention, to liberation by the Allies. Check your region for compatibility with formats of Colditz. David McCallum also adds grace and class to the skillfully done NCIS series.


Time Tunnel - Scientists (!) caught in a secret government experiment, travel to top historic battles, tragedies, & world upheavals, from the Titanic to Krakatowa to Pearl Harbor to Marco Polo and the American Civil War in historical context. Also meet Robin Hood, Merlin, Space Men, and Dinosaurs in best 1960s style. Friendship, bravery, intelligence, athletic martial arts in every episode, Tony and Doug are the fighting scientists. Lee Merriweather is a lab-coated competent high level scientist (remember this is the early 1960s). The original TV show in separate volumes. Click to get The Time Tunnel.


The Gods Must Be Crazy - Should have had an Academy Award. The insanity of "civilization" seen from the intelligent innocence of a Bushman, in physical comedy form. Click to get The Gods Must Be Crazy Series (The Gods Must Be Crazy / The Gods Must Be Crazy II).


Kung Fu - Full set from the original TV show. Learn the Zen lessons applied to real life. Set in the American old West and Imperial China. Lots to learn from this - martial art mind-set and background, mental training, bravery and compassion in the face of the many bigotries and difficulties explored in the continuing stories. Click to get Kung Fu: The Complete Series Collection.


Mr. Bean, Johnny English, and all the phenomenal physical comedy of Rowan Atkinson. I have stood in train stations in rural Asia and in modern malls watching clips of Mr. Bean wordlessly delighting farmers, families, elite businessmen alike with his universal comic humanity.  Click for The Glorious Talent of Rowan Atkinson


Star Trek. The original Star Trek - Exemplar of real theater, real acting, and universal issues in metaphor. The Hero of a Thousand Faces, all the more evident from simple sets and lack of fake effects. I wasn't a "Trekie" watching this as a kid, but I grew up learning possibilities of bravery, intelligence, cooperation, logic, silly logic, inconsistent logic, humor, physicality, fearless selfless duty. I learned rank without one-upmanship. I saw discovery and benefit without greed. I became "The Spock of Vidocq" - the science officer of the Vidocq world forensic society. Watch and Learn. Or watch and feel Deep Satisfaction at how well it's done. Each Original Star Trek crew member was a fully developed self. Next Generation continued holding the baton high, with the different tack of most members operating more from one noble aspect, and Captain Piccard as a masterful adult composite. Then I went to see Shatner's World, William Shatner's stellar one-man show, and realized, while I was Spock and had truth, that the truth is, to be HAPPY with the truth, Be Kirk and Shatner. William Shatner's personal account books are warm, intelligent, engaging, and insightful fun. Make sure to enjoy his range of abilities and topics even more needed and current today in BOSTON LEGAL.) Click to transport to a higher plane and get Star Trek and More Star Trek.


Galaxy Quest. Homage and spoof together - Galaxy Quest - called funniest sci-fi comedy film of all time. Click here to take a look.


Seven Years in Tibet. "Important" may be the first recommendation for this sweeping respectful beautiful moving sincere powerful illuminating true story. Extraordinary depth from all the actors. I was transfixed watching the movie on a tiny borrowed TV after reading the book Sieben Jahre in Tibet Mein Leben am Hofe des Dalai Lama. The many well done reviews tell more of the plot. Click for Seven Years in Tibet.


The Cuckoo's Egg. Best page-turning true thriller ever. Computer hacking from Berkeley to Berlin to FBI to KGB, you'll race to see what's next. Click to take a look.


Foyle's Law. Top (TOP!) story telling and acting in this remarkable BBC detective series set in WWII and Cold War Britain. Shows how much we need to know that the gamut of issues of humanity are the same through every era:


The Musketeers. Three incredible seasons from BBC. Each story written with Shakespearean intrigue. Sets with magnificent period architecture, handiwork, garments. Good heroes you can love. The answer, confirmed in the best way, of why be good when it is not appreciated; why do good even when it is punished:




Wallace and Grommit and Shaun the Sheep. Crackling good talent and fun. Miles above claymation. Creator Aardman also gives proceeds to support children's causes. Click and be happier for knowing Wallace and Grommit and Shaun The Sheep, particularly the movie.  


Garrison Keillor. No pile of Pulitzers, Nobel Literature Prizes, and Neustadts can thank him enough. Garrison Keillor.


Bobby McFerrin. I saw him at a summer outdoor concert hall so many years ago. Large crowd from every background, united by his rich voice. Of many moments that made the dark evening glisten, he sang the entire Bach accompaniment for an audience member who got the opportunity of a lifetime to add her sweet melody for the Ave Maria. Don't miss his album HUSH with cellist YoYo Ma. He said it best - Don't Worry Be Happy, enjoy Bobby McFerrin.


Ed Norton. Mastery. I watched an interview of him as he showed using body mechanics to convey searing differences in character. The Illusionist, Fight Club, Hulk, choose Your Favorite Ed Norton.


Alice in Wonderland. The most glorious reciting of "Twas brillig" by Johnny Depp as The Hatter. Alice, at 19 years old, is a role model for all seeking to be adults in a crazy world. Alan Rickman, always convincing, is the blue Caterpillar guide of Absalom. Movie effects draw you in. For everyone who has lost their "muchness" and wants it back. Click for Alice in Wonderland in blue ray, DVD, Instant video, and a list of cool options.


What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions. I normally don't want hypotheticals, only real skills and information to make informed decisions. This one teaches you the real science to do that every funny step of the way. If you only think that the proposed experiments are absurd, you're missing the pile of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, given well and enjoyably, that you can use for everyday understanding of how the world works as well as career work in maths, physics, reasoning, aerospace, physiology. What If?


Pandora's Lab: Seven Stories of Science Gone Wrong. Check this good read of science misused. Engaging and rich with connected interesting helpful information. Important book by Dr. Paul A. Offit, who earned the 2018 Sabin Gold Medal Award.



Angelina Jolie. Laser capability that would have taken Tomb Raider to annual sequels regardless of the bad writers, with added treat to Tomb Raider of Red Dwarf's Chris Barrie. Obviously right to turn down offers of mere "Bond Girl" saying she would BE Bond and did it with Salt. If mortals could have handled it, would have been another franchise. Delightful in the wild sci-fi Golden-Age-style adventure comedy noir SkyCaptain and the World of Tomorrow. Moves mountains bringing world health issues to light and action, through not only Changeling, Mighty Heart, Land of Blood and Honey, but direct behind the scenes action. Angelina Jolie.


Robert Downey Jr. A brave man: The Soloist, Tropic Thunder, Sherlock Holmes, Good Night and Good Luck, Chaplin. Click for all the raw polished ability of Robert Downey Jr.


Dolph Lundgren. Excellent movement skills, intelligent, watchable. A real black belt with a real chemical engineering degree from MIT. Dolph Lundgren.


Rawhide. Learn how to man-up. Not an old Western. A well-done model of dealing with constant extreme adversity with Brains, Bravery, Brawn, and occasional Blammo. You may never complain about your little troubles again. See a fledgling Clint Eastwood (who they introduce prophetically as "green as they come, but he's got the makins") learn under Eric Fleming starring as the bravest Gil Favor Trail Boss, courage and honor of Pete, Trail Scout (the wonderful Sheb Wooley), and the honest Quince. Learn actual American events of Fence Wars, Sheep Wars, anthrax devastations, Dipping Wars, and "frontier justice" of convictions without proof. Skillful depiction of historical wrongs and bigotry against non-whites, and genocide against Native Peoples. In contrast, you need to ignore that the writers had no idea that women were people, or, you can watch how women were increasingly depicted as spineless in the late 1950s and 1960s when this was written, building to incredulity in media through the 80s, compared to many fun bold self-reliant women in films of the 20s through WWII. Don't miss first season or second season of Rawhide.




A lot of talent out there, watch this space for fun to come




The Monuments Men A story that needs telling - the wrong to humanity by deliberately destroying their art. In World War II, Nazis were stealing, hoarding, and destroying thousands of years of fine art treasures of countries they invaded, and private collections of people they imprisoned and murdered. A small international force of men and women, The Monuments Men, risked their lives in war areas to track the mass theft and recapture hundreds of thousands of items. The book's immense detail represents enormous work. More skill to encapsulate a heavy subject in an action film with a light touch that humbles, moves, inspires, and if you're paying attention, rewards with reference gems throughout to other key events. The movie should be required viewing. Deft handling of unknown issue (that is today again right in front of our faces as history repeats in daily deliberate destruction of temples, languages, customs, and art in TIbet, the Middle East, indigenous peoples of the Americas, Australasia, and too many others). The film didn't get high reviews because it wasn't a "shoot-em-up," likewise the book for its detail. How much fake drama do you need to add to the real peril, daring, effort, acumen, and sacrifice already in this movie? You will be better for being acquainted with "Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History - The Monuments Men."


Amazing Grace DVD movie. Everyone needs to know this true story of one man risking much, battling Parliament to end the British slave trade. Learn what is key motivating factor in real social change. Pivotal events and actual characters including the slave ship captain, sickened by his deeds, who became the minister who wrote the hymn Amazing Grace.


The Best Man. If you think any current U.S. election issue is new, watch & enjoy The Best Man, well-written 1964 Henry Fonda movie.


Giant Microbes!  - Now you can have two brain cells to rub together. I love the sound of brain cells rubbing together. Or get fat cells if you prefer. Cold germs, MRSA, why not? These are plush toys, instructionally shaped pretty much like the actual cell, but large enough to play with. You can have an actual Bookworm, raise transmission awareness by giving Chickenpox, e Coli, and Bed Bugs as gifts. Give an office-mate the (plush toy) flu. Be Patient Zero Index Case at your workplace or school to track origins, crucial for containing real outbreaks. Funny toys and potential high epidemiology teaching value. Available in boxed gift sets too. Click to see' s safe GIANT FUNNY MICROBE TOYS.




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