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Thank you for inquiring for professional time.

Many mails arrive wanting detailed personal replies. I want to provide your answers, get your pain fixed, and get you back to your life. Because answering mail is during my own time with no salary from any company, I appreciate you using the donation box set up below for your questions. (If you are hiring where I can write and help people all day, let me know.) For appointments in person, instructions are on the Clinical page.

"Science is a wonderful thing, if one does not have to earn one's
living from it."
- Albert Einstein


How To Use The Donation Service

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Laugh While You Learn From Real Questions That Have Come In:
Amounts are figurative of course. The aim is to prime thought about how you approach fixing your injuries:

Saying, "I'm doing the exercises now tell me why it hurts to bend and move wrong"… add $20.

Not telling me which exercises or stretches you are doing and asking why they hurt to do . . .  add $10 for each one you want me to guess.

Saying, "No my yoga teacher, Alexander or Feldenkrais worker, chiropractor.. are really helping because I go to them for years and pay each time the pain comes back" instead of stopping causes as shown in my books which cost less than even one visit to them, and using my free articles so pain would not come back in the first place…  add $30 to base amount.

Saying, "I HAVE to bend wrong in my work as a health care provider and role model to others about health"… add $50 for not practicing what you preach. I will show you how to do great work in healthier, non-damaging way.

Saying, "You’re wrong" … $30 for first occurrence and $100 for each additional occurrence.

Doing a few exercises then writing me that I didn't fix you, when you have not stopped hundreds of daily bad movements, are continuing to do many bad exercises, and don't understand that stretches and exercises don't fix movement habits … add bad karma to a $40 fee.

Asking me to rewrite the same answers already in my free web site articles… add $20. That were in the last e-mail I already sent you . . . $100. (unless you're providing insight to fix things I didn't explain well, then I will add more fix to thank you.)

Using other people's methods that counteract or ignore my work, then coming back to me asking why you still hurt… add $50.

Asking what page in the book your information is on. Getting an old edition or the wrong book because it was cheaper… add $30.

Complaining that your neck and back hurt to sit badly to read the information…. add $50.

Asking me to work free, because you already spent a lot on special beds, years of chiropractic, yoga, and paying others…. add $100.

Demanding new consults for the same one donation and being unappreciative when I already helped with many free replies . . . add another donation and know you have made a bad impression.

If you are (another) reporter asking me to write an article for you, answering your questions point by point, by your deadline any minute now, put an amount equal to how good you want the article to be. If you put your own name on my article, add $200. If you take my words out of context making them appear wrong, add another $500. If you change the facts to the same wrong ones you wanted in the first place, like last time, that incurs infinite recurring charge.

Putting in one dollar and expecting detailed consideration of your questions and time writing replies, on which PayPal takes almost half, and because of minimum withdrawals, I cannot withdraw anyway…. go to some other top professional and offer them one dollar, get their answer, let me know what they said and I will tell you if it's true.


Saying, "Thank you" … subtract $2 per use.

Saying, "Because of your work, I see why I don't need a chiropractor and now prevent my own pain"… you may subtract $30

Saying, "Because of your work, I now see causes of my pain and am stopping my own pain at the cause"… you may subtract $30.

Saying, "My surgeon purchased your books (and booked appointments with you to learn more) because I fixed my pain and theirs too using your work"… no donation required on your next question.




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I may work extra time to ask you additional things to help you more.

I do not have a smartphone and do not receive any mail unless I am at my desk computer. Check the instant auto-reply you will get as soon as you mail me - If I am delayed or away, it will advise. Make sure your SPAM filter doesn't remove my replies.

I never sell or share mailing lists of patients or inquiries. That is not health. This is a special thing to help you, not for stress, and all correspondence is education only, not medical advice. See your doctor first.




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